About Us

lifestyle change as medicine.

A change of lifestyle as medicine is all you need

We are entrepreneurs, adventurers, certified coaches, breath teachers, psychotherapists, personal trainers and we are driven by positive energy to help you feel alive. This is not a woolly approach, but experiential, in-depth and to the point, supported by data and science.

We noticed along our way that as young professionals we have lost touch with ourselves. Modern day society is not a very healthy place. We are not naturally equipped to handle life’s fast pace, performing under continuous pressure and the influence of its extreme information density.

We aim to bring you back to where you wish/ought/could/should be by offering you a life changing experience, preventing you from burning out, helping you make conscious decisions in your private and professional life and reconnect with Mother Nature, the environment and with the joy and purpose in life.

Each retreat has a different theme. We will deep dive in to the theory and practice, so that in the end you will have a good foundation and continue to apply the acquired skills in your daily life. We believe in less is more. So nature, silence, digital detox and natural local foods are essential for each experience.

A car gets one. Why shouldn’t you?

In Dutch we call it your annual APK that applies to cars. Every year it needs a checkup to run smoothly in the year to come. In English it is called the MOT.

We advise everyone to have your own annual checkup to make sure you will run smoothly throughout the year. After each year you can choose another theme and location to broaden your horizon.

What we offer

  • Bringing you back to your true nature through nature trails, retreats and coaching
  • Supported by data & science
  • Digital detox, the best natural foods, no toxins, good sleep
  • Mother nature as your guide
  • Finding joy again in your life
  • Unique locations: South Africa, Patagonia, Austrian Mountains, the Netherlands, Spanish Balearic Islands and countryside, Italy
  • Unique themes: Iceman, Oura Performance, Higher states of consciousness, Success habits and many more
  • High quality and experienced teachers
  • Curated groups
  • Personalized follow-up program to keep you on track

Find a nature trail or select a retreat and we will take care of the rest.

Our Facilitators

Michiel van Ogtrop

Facilitator & Coach

Michiel is a FNL facilitator and NOBCO accredited coach. After 9 years of being an entrepreneur and a few ups and downs, he went deep within. A memorable nature trail caused a long lasting shift in his perception of life. After a lot of "homework" he started dedicating his time to sharing what he has learned over the years, via trails, retreats and coaching. He is a firm believer that these trails and retreats have a major impact on people’s lives, by bringing you back to your true nature.

Nature Trails & Retreats

Janneke Krijgsman

Yoga teacher, Mindfulness trainer, Coach

Janneke left the corporate world to follow her heart’s calling; guiding people towards a more conscious way of living and working. For over 10 years she has been exploring meditation, yoga, breathwork, coaching and music. The insights she gained profoundly changed the way she lives, works and interacts. Janneke teaches yoga, facilitates in-company trainings and runs a coaching practice. Allowing people to reconnect to who they truly are, through yoga, meditation, music and coaching, is what continues to inspire her.

Tuscany, Italy

Michael de Koord

Performance Coach

Michael is passionate about improving people's lives. After a heavy car accident he changed his life around. He became a professional trainer/coach. Currently he is one of the senior personal trainers at Vondelgym. He specializes not only in muscle gain and fat loss but also in injury recovery, back problems and recognising and correcting poor posture. He combines this with being a nutrition coach. Measuring exercise, sleep and rest with the technique of the Oura ring. This has turned around people's lives.

Tuscany, Italy

Oscar Bieleveld

Entrepreneur & Breath coach

This man is full of adventure and drive. Friend and student of Wim Hof (the Iceman). Climbing the Kilimanjaro in freezing temperatures with only a pair of shorts and still smiling. Oscar is always positive and knows how to motivate and inspire people. He also does this in his own company Moongro.

Lungau, Austria

Thibaud Bruna

Personal Performance Coach

Thibaud is curious about what truly drives people. After being an entrepreneur himself for over 10 years, he now dedicates his life helping others in becoming the best version of themselves. He created and facilitates a very successful personal development program called ‘Build The Best You’. He has his own coaching practice in Amsterdam. Thibaud is a great connector and has the ability to listen very well. He actively helps his clients in making progress and change in their lives and businesses.

Pyrenees, Spain

Alixe van Ogtrop

Holistic Psychotherapist

Alixe was so deeply touched and inspired by various shamanic and healing traditions that she made a 180 degree shift in her life. From a corporate career to guiding people to feel more whole and joyful in life. On her own healing journey she discovered what really supported her healing process and what did less. She discovered that` her own 'medicine' is how she can support other people through challenging times. She therefore trained in the modalities that served her the most. After extensive training in energy work and going through her psychotherapy education she felt certain that she wanted to guide and mirror people in a no-nonsense way. Alixe focuses on activating one's self healing abilities. At the same time she works with cutting edge scientific methods to reprogram the brain to start living a life one truly wants. In her 1 on 1 sessions, group work and ceremonies Alixe creates a safe space so deep healing can take place. Alixe knows how to take people on a journey in a light, warm way. A journey deep within themselves so a new story can be written.

Pyrenees, Spain

Gijs Groeneveld

Breath & Performance coach

Gijs is a very driven and passionate person. He crossed the Atlantic in a rowing boat. Founded Peak4, a company focussing on getting the best out of organizations and people. He is a Breath Coach with the aim to help people unleash themselves and become more aware.

Veluwe, Netherlands


Medicine man

After a successful career in the creative industry Zowie made a profound shift. Studying with various teachers from the Andean Amazonian traditions and tribes The relationship he has built with himself, the plants and ancient rituals, together with the Sweatlodge became his main tools to assist people in their personal and spiritual growth.

Umbria, Italy

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