The Great Beyond nature trails

Nature trails

Experience adventure in peace, tranquility and silence - get recharged!

Our nature trails are meant to give you a profound experience by respectfully reconnecting with yourself and nature. We will come together and just be by making breath taking hikes, sitting around a fire, sleeping under the stars and collecting our food. You will feel reset, recharged and revived.

Lungau, Austria

A hidden valley of pure beauty in the Austrian Alps. Far away from civilisation and therefore still wild and quiet. Even Though it’s only 1,5 hours drive from Salzburg. There are several peaks to climb and breathtaking lakes do dive into. This area inhabits a nice variety of wildlife that can be spotted with our knowledgeable guide. Deer, chamoix along with thousands types of birds make this a unique place.

We will be sleeping in basic wooden cabins with no one else but us around. The food is local and fresh and the water we drink and bathe in comes right from the stream.

Not many places in central Europe that are this unspoilt and beautiful as this area.

Veluwe, Netherlands

The Dutch Veluwe is one of the most beautiful and wild places in the Netherlands. You will find yourself surrounded by beautiful ancient forests and heaths with a huge variety of wildlife. We will start in a cosy country home on a private piece of land. From there we will track on to an even more secluded location where there is only us and nature. We will set up camp there with tents and outdoor fire. Total silence and nothingness is what you will experience.

Otro, Italy

Magnificent views and serene silence in a remote part of the Alps. Campfires, cold water training and hiking to a different peak each day. Those who’ve been here call it the magic mountain.

Patagonia, Argentina

One may find it challenging to hike through the Patagonian landscape without dragging your jaw along the ground. It’s absolutely stunning. Here we’ll sleep in wooden cabins, fish your own meals, make campfires to sit around and get into cold-water training.

Marataba, South Africa

We will immerse ourselves in the profoundly powerful energy of our Mother Continent. We’ll align with the rhythm of nature, sleep under the mind-bending star-sprinkled skies and we’ll experience the deeply inspiring balance by living in harmony with wildlife animals.

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