Veluwe, Netherlands

Veluwe, Netherlands

In the heart of the country - stunning nature!

Although one may not expect it, the Netherlands sure has some stunning nature to offer, right in the heart of the country, called the Veluwe. Here we’ll stay in a cosy house on a private estate surrounded by woods and heaths where a wide variety of wildlife resides.

Back to nature – Gaucho style – UPCOMING



Michiel van Ogtrop

Facilitator & Coach

Michiel is a FNL facilitator and NOBCO accredited coach. After 9 years of being an entrepreneur and a few ups and downs, he went deep within. A memorable nature trail caused a long lasting shift in his perception of life. After a lot of "homework" he started dedicating his time to sharing what he has learned over the years, via trails, retreats and coaching. He is a firm believer that these trails and retreats have a major impact on people’s lives, by bringing you back to your true nature.

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